A wine bottle stopper makes the wine longer drinkable

A wine bottle stopper makes the wine longer drinkable

Already in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Assyria, amphorae with wine were sealed with cork stoppers. Until the late 17th century, however, clay or wooden plugs were mainly used, which were dipped in oil and wrapped in hemp.

As the glass bottle gradually replaced the amphorae/jugs, a new way of closing them had to be found, because these stoppers were not suitable for transporting sparkling wines since they popped out, and replaced them with cork stoppers.

If you open a bottle of wine, champagne or sparkling wine, it is best to empty the bottle immediately and not leave it standing for days. Otherwise, the contents will lose their carbon dioxide and no longer taste good. But not everyone drinks a whole bottle right away and wants to enjoy their drink, as usual, even days later. That’s why it’s good to have a reusable wine cork on hand.

With a little effort, wine bottle caps are pressed onto the bottle and fixed to the bottleneck by means of two notches. Thus, a vacuum is created and the wine is sealed airtight. Even after days the wine still tastes as if it had been opened first.

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The range of wine bottle closures is very wide: from simple metal champagne bottle stoppers to premium electric vacuum sets. Before you want to buy one, you should think about what size this wine bottle stopper should be and in what price range it should be. It is important to note that stoppers made of higher quality material are not only more expensive but also in most cases last longer. A further aspect of the purchase is the cleaning and care of the wine bottle stopper. What is required and are the usual household resources at home sufficient? There are a lot of unique wine stoppers on the market, choosing the right one would be easy with a simple guide.

Main types of wine stoppers

Silicone wine stoppers

  • The cheapest and the simplest reusable corks are silicone wine stoppers. They come in different shapes, they fit most bottles and both durable and flexible.

Glass wine stoppers

  • The glass cork has a great advantage: it does not influence the taste of the wine negatively. The glass cork is surrounded by a silicone ring, which prevents oxygen from entering the bottle. So, nothing stands in the way of unadulterated wine enjoyment. The glass cork is also an attractive alternative to natural corks

Stainless steel stoppers

  • Stainless steel or zinc alloy wine caps are the most durable, but still relatively cheap options. They do a good job because of flexible silicone ribs, they are not afraid of falling, and are easy to clean.

Vacuum wine stoppers

  • Vacuum wine savers are the most easy-to-use choice for non-sparkling wines since they remove the air to keep the integrity of the drink. There are both mechanical and electrical versions on the market ranging from $40 to $200.

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