Top Recommendations for Choosing the Right Turkey Fryer

Top Recommendations for Choosing the Right Turkey Fryer

Due to the increasing tendency of people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the market of cooking devices is becoming extremely rich. Manufactures create a vast majority of appliances that help to create healthy and at the same time delicious dishes with ease. One of these devices is a turkey fryer. It can be an excellent alternative to the oven in the preparation of delicate and juicy turkey for the family or guests.

Main Types and Functions of Turkey Fryers

A turkey cooker opens up great opportunities for culinary experiments. However, the first and the main function of this device is the preparation of deep-fried meat. Overall, there are several types of deep fryers for turkeys:

  • Propane-powered fryers for turkeys are rather popular outdoor fryers due to their abilities to provide efficient cooking of big chunks of meat. They work on liquid propane, so they do not need a power source and can be installed anywhere. Besides, propane turkey fryers can have both oil and oil-free options for meat preparation. Depending on the model, some of these fryers do not require oil for the juicy and crispy turkey. The process of preparation is slightly longer, however, the oil-less turkey fryer will help you to get the healthiest dish for your Thanksgiving dinner or just your everyday meal. 
  • Electric turkey fryers may be operated both outdoors and indoors depending on their characteristics. They are more convenient and safe, as they do not need the propane tank. What is more, they have a thermostat that safely controls the temperature and prevents the device from becoming too hot. Similar to propane fryers, there are also oil-less electric turkey fryers. They almost do not need oil, so your bird will definitely be delicate and dietary. The only thing to keep in mind is the prolonged time of preparation. It usually takes nearly three hours to cook a turkey in such an electric fryer.
  • Infrared turkey fryers are small and best suited for cooking small amounts of meat. The main advantage of such fryers is the ability to prepare products completely without oil. This is the best choice for people who want to minimize their calorie intake and at the same time to please themselves with delicious dinner.

What should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Turkey Fryer?

When buying a turkey fryer, pay attention to four main characteristics: safety, convenience, size, and needed accessories. Safety is the first thing you should consider while choosing this cooking appliance; otherwise, the preparation of a delicious meal can result in fire or unbearable smoke in your house.  The whole preparation process can be rather risky in case of improper usage or a low-quality device.

To avoid possible danger, it is vitally important to:

  • Read all the instructions and safety rules for a definite fryer;
  • Never use a propane turkey fryer indoors;
  • Make sure you do not deep-fry a frozen turkey;
  • Be cautious with the boiling oil, as it can cause serious injuries;
  • Do not let kids or animals come close to the fryer;
  • Use special gloves to cover your hands in the process of cooking.

Convenience. First, keep in mind that propane deep fryers for turkeys and electric fryers have different features. That is why it is better to consider all preferences and the desired results before making a purchase.

Size and capacity of a fryer are also very important. If you are going to cook small amounts of meet just for your family, it better to choose an electric fryer, which is always smaller and lighter. Thought if you like hanging out in your backyard with friends, an outdoor propane turkey fryer is probably your choice.

Accessories for the turkey fryer undoubtedly depend on its model and brand. They can be either included in the kit or you can buy them separately. There is no necessity to buy an overpriced appliance only because of the additional items, it is better to look at the characteristics and quality of the product.

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Overall, a properly chosen turkey fryer can become an irreplaceable device in your family. We hope our tips will help you to find the turkey fryer that will meet all your preferences and will always please you and your guests with crispy turkey dishes.

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