Hand Juicers - Enjoy Fresh Juice at Home

Hand Juicers - Enjoy Fresh Juice at Home

Drinking a glass of juice every now and then is a popular health trend. Now that our lives are more mobile than ever, finding time to eat fruits and vegetables is getting increasingly harder. That’s where a glass of juice comes in handy – it’s nutritious, rich on next to any vitamin, easy to have on the go, and delicious. 

Instead of going to a juice bar or getting one of these overpriced Starbucks drinks, isn’t it better to learn how to make juice at home? There are plenty of easy-to-use and affordable manual juicers – these are, in fact, the best ones to have around. 

Why You Might Need a Hand Juicer

Although hand juicer is not a kitchen essential, chances are, you are missing out on new food flavors and gastronomic experiences by not getting one. If you fall into one of the following groups, getting a hand juicer will likely be a huge game-changer in your cooking game:

  • Local coffee shop manager. If you are running a small cafe or a coffee shop, chances are, you are missing out on those who don’t drink coffee per se yet wouldn’t mind sticking around. If getting expensive juicing appliances and hiring staff is expensive, offer a glass of a handmade fresh as a special and get a fresh juicer to test your new offers in the most risk-free way possible. 
  • Barman. By not adding juices to cocktails, you are missing out on dozens of drinks. With just a fresh juicer, you will be able to serve guests some Bocce Ball or a handmade Sour Sunrise. 
  • Anybody who wants to stay fit while busy. A hand held juicer will make healthy snacking easier – enjoy a refreshing drink at your way to work or at the office. 

Why You Should Own a Hand Juicer

Here are the reasons to consider buying a hand juicer for the kitchen. 

1. Saving money

Since hand juicers are easier to manufacture and have to be operated manually, as a rule of thumb, they are much cheaper than their electric counterparts. Hand juicers are as cheap as $10, while the motorized ones usually start at $150. 

2. Longevity

When it comes to an average lifespan, hand juicers beat larger models to the pulp. The simplicity of the system and the ease of use are among the reasons why these appliances can work as good as new for years or decades. Small hand juice units can break down only ever so often – that’s why cooking enthusiasts, juicer and coffee shop managers consider them highly dependable. 

3. Mobility

If you have a hand juicer at a hand’s reach, you don’t have to settle for whatever local bars and cafes have to offer – instead, you can make a glass of fresh juice in the morning on your own. 

Types of Hand Juicers

If you decided to get a citrus squeezer and started researching the market, the array of options can leave you overwhelmed. The good news is, it’s not difficult to distinguish different types of juicers – here’s all you need to know about the most popular modifications. 

Lever action juicers

As the name suggests, these models have levers you need to push to start making juice. To fit a fruit into the cup, slice it in half. You don’t have to put in too much effort to squeeze a lemon or an orange – however, having to cut bigger fruits might be inconvenient if you need to make a lot of juice. 

Hand-crank device

These juicers have a grinding column – need to turn the handle to juice a fruit or a vegetable. This model requires more manual force than the lever-based one – however, you will be able to squeeze the juice out of larger fruits without cutting them in advance. 

Squeezing juicers 

These are typically smaller – while they aren’t too efficient, squeezing juicers are essential for travelers. You don’t need to clean them up thoroughly after using and the mechanics of a citrus squeeze juicer couldn’t be simpler – squeezing the cup is all it takes to make fresh juice come out. 

Having a hand juicer at your disposal is extremely convenient. As long as you are responsible and don’t drink too many smoothies and cocktails in a day, you will notice undeniable detox changes, skin condition improvements, and mood levels increase. There is nothing like making fresh and organic juice on your own – give this lifestyle a try.

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