Everything You Need to Know About Airtight Containers

Everything You Need to Know About Airtight Containers

Airtight food containers are a must in any kitchen; they are objectively the best way to store your leftovers to extend their fridge or freezer life. If you cook frequently or simply need an easy way to store your food products, it’s imperative to find yourself the best airtight containers possible.

The Utility of Airtight Containers

Vacuum seal containers are superior to regular food storage containers in several ways. Their primary appeal is the tight seal that keeps any moisture, air, smells, and other nuisances like bugs out. This allows them to keep your food (or any other perishable items) from degrading as quickly. 

For people that enjoy an organized kitchen, a matching set of airtight storage containers is a great way to have just that. You could even get fancy and get containers of varying colors to color-code your food and ingredients—there’s really no better way to bring order and an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. An added bonus is that it’s a hassle-free way to store your leftovers without making a mess.

All in all, air tight sealed containers are the most convenient way to keep your kitchen clean and orderly. The extended lifetime that it gives your food is sure to bring some peace of mind when you want to heat up your leftovers. In addition, the tight seal ensures that any accidents involving the lid are minimized.

Airtight Storage Containers — Shapes and Sizes

There are many types of airtight containers, ranging from your basic bowls to more specialized containers for things like cheese or relishes. If you’re looking for something simple to store your food in, a basic set of plastic airtight containers will probably do the job just fine. If you’re looking for something more specific or high-quality, there are options on that front as well. From plastic to glass to steel, you’re bound to find the perfect containers for your needs.

Air tight storage containers come in a wide variety of sizes. You can easily find a set of tiny containers for things like condiments or spices, and just as easily find larger ones to store your salads or high-volume leftovers. For any liquids or relishes, mason jars are very effective and aesthetically appealing to boot. As for lunchboxes, airtight storage containers have you covered there, too—most come with secure latches that ensure the contents don’t spill out and often come with smaller compartments to separate your various courses.

For something more durable and appealing, a stainless steel air tight sealed container is a great way to store long-term things like coffee beans or cocoa powder. They are generally more durable and offer more longevity, especially if you’re looking to use it for hot soups or anything that might stain plastic containers over time. For lunches, in particular, a thermos-like set of stainless steel airtight food containers ensures your meal stays warm longer.

All in all, there is a multitude of shapes and sizes when it comes to airtight food storage containers, and each of them has different advantages in storing various food items. As a rule of thumb, though, the sturdier the container, the longer it’ll serve you.

What to Store in Airtight Food Containers

Like we mentioned, there is a great selection when it comes to choosing the best air tight containers for what you need. If your concern is constantly having leftovers, you can get a set of airtight storage containers of various sizes to store your meals and different courses in aptly-sized bowls. For uncooked ingredients like flour or pasta, there are containers on the market for those specific applications. In either case, make sure to get containers with a tight vacuum-seal lid or snap-lock features for extended freshness.

Keep an eye out for mason jars as well—they are a fantastic way of storing more sensitive foods or drinks like pickles or mojitos. As an added benefit, they can double as drinking vessels, saving you time and unnecessary dishes. A unique advantage of mason jars is their applicability to fermenting and marinating foods—kombucha, sourdough starters, and meat marinades are some examples. Otherwise, they’re a useful tool in general and have practically unlimited uses. You could turn them into salt shakers, candles, or pencil cups if you don’t need them in the kitchen as much.

As for portable lunch boxes, you really can’t go wrong with some solid large air tight storage containers. Depending on what you need, these can vary from a basic snap-lock box to a more durable and advanced set of containers. If you’re just bringing a one-course meal to school, work, or camping trip, a basic set of plastic airtight containers could suffice, so long as there’s no risk of the contents spilling out. However, if you want to get fancy and pack a full-course meal, you could look into a set of stackable stainless steel containers or a self-contained set of snap-lock air tight boxes.

You can use airtight storage containers for practically any purpose; that is to say, there are containers out there for just about any purpose. You can use them to store food long-term in the freezer, keep all your pantry ingredients in an orderly fashion, or ensure the freshness of your food products in general. It’s a convenient method of keeping things like coffee or sugar on your countertop without making a mess. You can even get special containers that keep specific foods fresher than regular air tight sealed containers—for example, you can get a storage container that aerates your cheese while still keeping it fresh.


All in all, air tight containers are the best way to keep your food fresh and safely sealed. They help you organize your kitchen and ensure a longer lifetime for whatever you store it in. Similarly, they can double as lunch boxes—especially if you have a set of airtight containers designed specifically for that purpose. Every kitchen needs a set of large air tight storage containers to revamp the aesthetic appeal and order, not to mention keep the fridge neat and the food fresh. Whether you prefer the glass, steel, or plastic variants, you can rest assured that you’re making a solid investment in your kitchen.

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