How to decant wine - wine aerator tips

How to decant wine - wine aerator tips

If you want to prove yourself as a wine connoisseur, you will not only serve this drink in a normal water glass to your guests but also pay attention to style when enjoying it. This includes wine glasses made of the best crystal or high-quality glass and even pouring directly from the bottle is not…

A wine bottle stopper makes the wine longer drinkable

A wine bottle stopper makes the wine longer drinkable

Already in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Assyria, amphorae with wine were sealed with cork stoppers. Until the late 17th century, however, clay or wooden plugs were mainly used, which were dipped in oil and wrapped in hemp. As the glass bottle gradually replaced the amphorae/jugs, a new way of closing them had to be…

Cool cocktail & bar accessories

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You have invited for dinner and would like to spoil your guests not only with culinary delicacies but also with delicious drinks and tasty wines? If you’re looking to serve a perfect glass of wine then look no further.

Matching glasses is not the only thing you need for your bar and wine accessories – after all, you want to serve the expensive drop from a noble container. If you drink the opened bottle the same evening, you should cool it in a wine cooler.

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