The Best Bacon Cookers for your kitchen

The Best Bacon Cookers  for your kitchen

Fast, convenient and delicious ways to cook bacon

Crispy bacon is the A&O for the burger or for breakfast. You don’t want any more of that crispy bacon? Then let me show you how to make the perfect bacon in just 3 minutes.

A dedicated electric bacon cooker

There are freestanding appliances that plug into a wall outlet. They may be exclusively for bacon or multipurpose cookers that enable you to cook the whole breakfast at once than rather just bacon.

In fact, the device is a vertical electric frying pan that allows you to fry your bacon evenly without turning it over. At the same time, the removable case prevents splashing, and excess fat drains into a special tray, which makes bacon a healthier breakfast. Optionally, the sunken fat can be stored and used for other dishes.

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Crispy bacon from the microwave

The secret of crispy bacon is simple: Crispy bacon works perfectly in the microwave! Of course, you can also grill the bacon crispy or fry it in a pan, but it is much faster and easier in the microwave.

You only need three things besides the microwave:

  • bacon in thin slices
  • a bacon rack
  • kitchen paper roll

The bacon rack is the second secret of perfect bacon from the microwave.

The great advantage of this microwave bacon cooker is that the bacon rests on the narrow plastic grooves and floats, so to speak, above the floor. The escaping fat drains off downwards and as the bacon does not float in its own juice, it becomes especially crispy.

Once you have put the bacon in the bacon rack, put it in the microwave at 600 watts for three minutes. The cooking time depends on the thickness of the bacon. The usual thin strips you get in the supermarket take about three minutes. But if you have thicker bacon, it can also take five minutes. It is advisable to check after three minutes how thick the bacon is and then extend it for another one or two minutes if necessary.

Tip: If you cook the bacon in the microwave, you should cover it with a sheet of kitchen roll so that the microwave is not covered by grease splashes.

When you have finished cooking, remove the bacon from the kitchen roll before it cools down. Otherwise, it will quickly stick to it and the paper residue will be difficult to remove.

When the bacon is crispy after three minutes and you take the bacon rack out of the microwave, you can see how all the bacon fat has run into the bottom of the rack and the crispy bacon is on top of the grooves. You don’t have to dispose of the baked out bacon fat too, because you can simply tip it off and use it later (for example for frying).

The perfect bacon: brown, crispy and crunchy it has to be!

If you don’t have the Bacon Rack, you can also make the crispy bacon on a regular plate. To do this, place 3-4 layers of kitchen roll on a plate and spread the bacon on top. On top of the bacon you put another layer of kitchen roll and put it in the microwave for three minutes at 600 watts. The lowest layers of kitchen roll soak up the fat and this method also makes the bacon crispy. But it works better and easier with the Bacon Rack because the bacon is not in its own fat.

3 Responses

  1. The electric bacon cooker is pretty interesting, but how is the microwave method any easier than just frying it in a pan? Seems to me like it’s a few extra steps that makes it more complicated.

    1. Hi, Mike! It’s a matter of personal preference, really. While you do need a bit of setting up with the bacon rack, you get the advantage of having the grease drip down into the bottom of the rack. This gives you a less oily final result, but again, the method is down to your taste.

  2. Bought an electric rack myself recently, and use it more often than I expected to. Super simple and convenient, lets me cook bacon and have my morning coffee at the same time haha

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