Hello dear friends

My name is Helen Wong, welcome to my blog!

As a housewife and mother, I have to cook fresh food every day and I love to try new dishes. I believe that time is the most valuable commodity in the world. For this reason, I would like to represent a real time saving with my blog. At bestcookwaretips.com with the help of comparison tables, best-seller lists, the comparison of the product features, and our counselor articles we make a fast overview of a broad product spectrum possible. In this way, we can minimize the risk of a wrong purchase in favor of our visitors.

In our research, we comb through various categories, so that we can always consider the latest products and trends in the product comparisons. Furthermore, we use sources such as manufacturer pages/information and customer reviews. The selection of products is done manually and our decisions in the creation of comparison tables are made objectively and competently.

Here I have learned to appreciate good pans and appliances, and have tried different manufacturers and coatings. I would be happy to share my experiences with you since cooking has always been a hobby for me. Even after graduating from the San Diego State University, I continued to enjoy cooking and even auditioned for the Top Chef, though this show ended up being more about a personality than cooking skills.

Now I write, I cook, I take pictures of delicious food, share its recipes, and I cannot imagine my life without cooking. Finally, I can call myself a food blogger!

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